Are Timex Watches Good? (Read This Before Buying!)

Are Timex Watches Good

Let me guess…

You’re in the market for a new watch. 

Maybe it’s your first nice timepiece or you’re just looking for an affordable everyday option. 

One brand you’ve probably come across is Timex – a watchmaker known for its inexpensive and durable watches. 

But are Timex watches good in terms of quality and reliability?

This definitive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Timex, from its history to an honest assessment of Timex watches’ pros and cons. 

Read on to find out if Timex should be your next watch purchase!

A Brief History of Timex

While it may not be a luxury brand, Timex has been around for over 150 years. 

The company was founded way back in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company in Connecticut. 

They started out making clocks and didn’t start making watches until 1892 when they produced their first pocket watch.

It wasn’t until 1933 that Timex made their first wristwatch. And in 1944, they officially changed their name to Timex – a memorable, catchy name that probably sounds familiar. 

In fact, Timex made a big impact in the watch world by partnering with Disney to create the first Mickey Mouse watch in 1933. They also made sports watches popular, like the Ironman watch in the 1980s.

Over its long history of over 150 years, Timex has focused on innovation, affordability, and reliability. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Timex timepieces.

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Pros of Timex Watches

So what are the good things about choosing a Timex watch? 

Turns out, there are actually quite a few advantages! Let’s check them out one by one.

1 — Affordable Pricing

One of the biggest benefits of Timex is the very reasonable pricing. 

Most Timex watches cost between $30 to $200. 

This makes them a great first watch option if you’re buying your first nice watch or want an inexpensive beater watch for everyday use. 

The low prices let collectors buy multiple fun styles without spending too much money.

2 — Durable & Reliable

Timex builds its watches to last through daily activities. 

Many models can withstand splashes and brief submersions in water up to 100m, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your watch around sinks or pools. 

Furthermore, the quartz movements are accurate and require very little maintenance – just changing the battery every few years. 

The stainless steel cases on Timex watches also add to their toughness and resistance to scratches.

3 — Variety of Watch Styles

Whether you want a dressy leather watch or a colorful plastic sports watch, Timex has many options. 

They offer traditional two and three-hand watches, chronographs with stopwatch functions for timing events, metal link bracelet designs, and more. 

You can find Timex styles suited for women, men, youth, work, play, and any occasion.

4 — Easy to Replace Batteries

Timex uses quartz movements that run on replaceable coin cell batteries. 

When your watch battery runs out, you can take it to any jeweler for a quick and cheap battery swap. 

With a small toolkit and instructions, you can even change the battery yourself easily. 

Timex Watch Battery Replacement costs just $5-10 vs. $40+ for an automatic watch service.

5 — Good Value

Considering their quality and features, Timex watches provide excellent value for the price. 

The affordable costs mean you get useful functions like chronograph stopwatches, alarms, date windows, and water resistance without overspending. 

Timex watches also maintain their value well over years of use. You can even find great deals buying pre-owned Timex watches.

6 — Strong Brand Reputation

With over 150 years in the watchmaking business, Timex has earned a strong reputation worldwide for quality and innovation. 

They pioneered new technologies in watches like making the first water-resistant watches. 

Overall, the brand is trusted for making solid, reliable watches that provide accurate timekeeping.

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Cons of Timex Watches

No watch brand is perfect. Timex does have some potential downsides to think about.

Let’s see the disadvantages of Timex watches so that you can make an informed decision!

1 — Perceived as Cheap

The very low pricing makes some people view Timex as a cheap, lower-quality brand. 

There’s definitely a feeling that you get what you pay for

The lightweight case materials add to the perception of being cheaply made, especially compared to fancy brands.

2 — Limited High-End Options

Timex focuses on everyday watches, so you won’t find complicated features like perpetual calendars or tourbillions. 

There are very few luxury accents like diamonds or sapphire crystals. 

What I’m trying to say is, the movements work well but aren’t ornate hand-finished pieces.

3 — Low Resale Value

The inexpensive original prices mean Timex watches have little resale value. 

They don’t carry prestige for collectors like an Omega or Rolex. 

Most people would rather buy a new Timex than pay extra for a used one.

4 — Dated Styling

If you’re a fashion follower, you might find Timex watch designs look outdated. 

The brand tends to stick to classic, traditional styles rather than follow current trends. So, don’t expect cutting-edge modern looks from Timex.

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Should You Buy a Timex Watch?

At the end of the day, Timex is an excellent value for shoppers who care more about price and reliability versus status and luxury design. 

The watches work great as an affordable starter watch or beater watch for activities where you don’t want to risk damaging an expensive timepiece.

For basic timekeeping with handy functions like alarms, date windows, stopwatch timing, and water resistance, Timex delivers very good quality. The variety of styles from sporty to classy gives you many inexpensive options to choose from. 

And with proper care, your Timex watch could last for quite some years.

That said, Timex may leave you wanting more if you expect prestige, flawless craftsmanship, collectibility, heirloom quality, or investment potential from your watch. 

For a primary daily watch, it may be worth spending up for a luxury brand you love. 

But as an affordable secondary timepiece, Timex remains a smart option definitely worth considering.

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