Can a Smartwatch Work Without a Phone?

Can a Smartwatch Work Without a Phone

Smartwatches are one of the most popular types of wearable technology that have evolved a lot in the last decade. 

Today, not only can you track your heart rate, steps, workouts, and sleep using a smartwatch but also send text messages, make phone calls, use WhatsApp, and even listen to music offline & through Spotify.

But can a smartwatch work without a phone? Yes, smartwatches can work without a phone but the functionality will be limited. Without your smartphone, smartwatches can tell the time & date of the present day, check step count, measure heart rate, and set an alarm.  

However, some types of smartwatches (i.e. standalone smartwatches) that supports cellular or WiFi connection let you send text messages, reply to emails, and make & receive phone calls without a phone.

In this article, I have talked about standalone smartwatches and the things you can do on a smartwatch without having your smartphone nearby.

What is a Standalone Smartwatch?

Standalone smartwatches are also regarded as general-purpose smartwatches and they’re extremely popular for their ability to replace a smartphone. 

Standalone smartwatches have built-in SIM card capabilities that allow them to work without a smartphone, which is the main reason behind their popularity.

And once you connect a standalone smartwatch to a cellular or WiFi network, you can make, receive, or reject phone calls, send and receive text messages, get alerts about incoming emails, social media notifications, and much more.

Additionally, you can even browse the internet. Though the experience wouldn’t be as great as you have on your smartphone. 

But the best part about standalone smartwatches is that you can pair them with your smartphone if you want to, which makes the whole smartwatch experience much better.

What Can a Standalone Smartwatch Do?

If your smartwatch is neither connected to your smartphone nor does it have an active internet connection, it will not be able to perform most functions it provides.

For a standalone smartwatch to function at its full potential, it has to have a cellular/WiFi connection or be connected to your smartphone. 

However, it can still perform basic functions such as —

  • Check time and calendar
  • Track your workouts
  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Count steps
  • Measure sleep time & quality
  • Set an alarm 
  • Use stopwatch

What Can You Do on a Smartwatch Without a Phone?

Smartwatches have certainly made a lot of day-to-day tasks easier for everyone. 

With a smartwatch, you can track your fitness, listen to music, call, and even send text messages without a smartphone. But accessing all these features depends mostly on the smartwatch brand and model you have purchased.

If you have a standalone smartwatch that is connected to cellular or WiFi, you can perform pretty much every task that you do on your smartphone. 

Specifically, here are all features you can use on your standalone smartwatch if it is connected to cellular or WiFi —

  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Send and receive text messages & emails
  • Check weather
  • Set alarms, timers, and reminders
  • Navigate using GPS
  • Stream and listen to music
  • Use voice assistant

Can a Smartwatch Replace Your Smartphone?

Technically yes, a smartwatch can indeed replace your smartphone if it supports a cellular or WiFi connection. 

In fact, it is much more convenient to have your smartphone at home and not clog your pocket, especially when you’re going on a run or working out, or checking for directions. 

But for that, you’ll need a smartwatch with a built-in SIM card slot.

In other words, you’ll need a standalone smartwatch that has all the necessary hardware and features that allow you to isolate it from your smartphone.

What Can a Smartwatch Do Without a Sim Card?

Smartwatches without a SIM card cannot do much other than perform the basic functions that we discussed earlier. The reason for this is simple — A smartwatch requires both, the necessary hardware & internet connection, to function independently. 

But if you’re not ready to invest in a standalone smartwatch as they’re more expensive, you can still buy other types of smartwatches depending on your purpose and preference.

And if you’re wondering what can a smartwatch do without a SIM card, which is also not connected to a smartphone, the answer largely depends on the smartwatch model you purchase.

For example, if you buy a smartwatch that has good internal storage and has built-in speaker, you can load your favorite music locally and listen to it from your wrist or by connecting to a Bluetooth headset. 

This type of smartwatch is ideal for daily runners and people who work out regularly but hate to carry a smartphone when performing these activities. 

Additionally, most smartwatches still save your health & fitness data locally without being connected to a smartphone. So, if you buy a smartwatch without SIM card support, it can still allow you to track your workouts, count steps, monitor sleep, and perform some other basic functions. 

Key Takeaway

Can you use a smartwatch without a phone? The answer is yes, you can use a smartwatch without a phone but the functionality will depend on the type of smartwatch you purchase. 

If you’re a gadget lover like myself, you will definitely enjoy using a smartwatch, whether it’s standalone or otherwise. Smartwatches have a lot to offer in our everyday lives.

So are smartwatches worth it? In my opinion, they definitely are, and there are many reasons for it.

There are many benefits of smartwatches that you can only enjoy when you buy one for yourself. 

But at the same time, there are disadvantages of smartwatches as well. So, if you’re struggling to make a decision, I highly recommend reading my posts to make a well-informed decision.

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