Can You Answer Calls on a Smartwatch?

Can you answer calls on a smartwatch

Have you ever missed an important call because your phone was buried in your bag? 

Or worse, have you ever suddenly fumbled for your phone, only to realize you’ve missed an important call already? 

At some point, we’ve all been there. 

In this modern world, we’re constantly required to stay connected. And it’s no longer enough to be connected just through our smartphones. 

This is where smartwatches come into the picture.

Smartwatches are one of the most popular types of wearable technology for anyone who wants to stay connected on the go. 

But can you answer calls on a smartwatch?

You can answer calls on a smartwatch by tapping or swiping the green phone icon and speak to the caller using the watch’s built-in microphone and speaker. To enable answering calls on your smartwatch, it needs to either be paired with your smartphone or have built-in cellular connectivity. 

Some smartwatches even support third-party calling apps like WhatsApp or Skype, which enable smartwatches to make phone calls over the internet.

To many people, this may futuristic, but it’s actually a reality for many smartwatch users. 

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into how can you answer calls on a smartwatch. 

So, if you’d like to know more about how smartwatches handle phone calls or how to answer incoming calls on a smartwatch, keep reading. 

Can you Answer Calls on a Smartwatch?

As I said earlier, you can answer calls on a smartwatch as long as it is connected to your smartwatch via Bluetooth or has a SIM card slot and supports cellular connectivity. 

Additionally, your smartwatch must have a speaker to hear the caller speaking and a microphone to pick up your voice 

The majority of smartwatches (except standalone smartwatches) do not have built-in cellular connectivity and are mostly required to be connected to a smartphone to receive calls.

However, there are some smartwatches that have built-in SIM cards to make or receive phone calls independently. 

How do Smartwatches Make and Receive Calls?

Smartwatches handle phone calls through a combination of hardware and software. 

These smartwatches usually have a microphone and a speaker, which allow users to make and receive phone calls without taking out their smartphones from their pockets. 

Whenever a phone call arrives, the smartwatch will either make a sound or vibrate to alert the user. You can then choose to answer it or reject the call, or even send a pre-written message to the caller if you’re busy.

How to Answer Calls on a Smartwatch?

Answering calls on a smartwatch is the same as it is on a smartphone. However, the process may slightly differ depending on your smartwatch model.

Here’s how to answer calls on a smartwatch on different models.

  • Apple Watch — When an incoming call comes in, you’ll feel a vibration on your wrist. You can answer then answer the call by simply tapping on the green phone button on your smartwatch’s screen or turning the digital crown. To end or reject a call, tap on the red phone button.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch — If you own a Samsung Galaxy watch and an incoming call arrives, you need to swipe the green phone button to the right to answer the call. Similarly, to reject an incoming call, swipe the red phone button to the left. To end the call after speaking with the caller, tap on the red phone button.
  • Fitbit Versa — In a Fitbit Versa smartwatch, you need to swipe up the phone icon from the bottom of your smartwatch’s screen to answer an incoming phone call. To reject an incoming call, swipe down the phone icon. 


Smartwatches have come a long way since their inception. 

They offer a convenient and practical way to stay connected on the go, without the need to reach for your phone every time it rings.

Today, you can text on a smartwatch, make and answer phone calls, and do pretty much everything that a smartphone can do. 

That’s because smartwatches can now work without a phone, and it’s one of the best benefits of a smartwatch.

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