How to Set Timex Expedition Watch? (Quick Method)

How to Set Timex Expedition Watch

Timex Expedition watches are super popular outdoor and sports watches that come loaded with useful features like alarms, timers, stopwatch modes, and more.

But, learning how to properly set the various functions on your Timex Expedition watch is important to get the most out of this versatile timepiece. 

Setting the correct time and date is obviously crucial for any watch, and your Expedition also allows you to set handy alarms to use it as an alarm clock on your adventures.

Learning the proper way to set these important timekeeping functions on your Timex Expedition is key.

In this blog post, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to set the basic timekeeping features on your Timex Expedition watch using simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

How to Set Time on Timex Expedition Watch

Setting the correct time on your Timex Expedition can be done with just a few button presses. 

Here’s how to do it:

Press and hold the Mode button located on the side of the watch for 2-3 seconds. You’ll see the watch digits start flashing which indicates that you’ve entered time-setting mode. 

Once the digits are flashing, press the Start/Stop button to switch between the flashing digits — hours, minutes, seconds, etc.

As you press Start/Stop, each digit will flash indicating that it can be changed.

When the digit you want to change is flashing, press the Lap/Reset button to increase that digit. Each press of Lap/Reset increases the number by 1. 

Once you’ve reached the correct number, press Start/Stop again to move to the next digit.

For example, if you needed to set the time to 10:35, you’d press Start/Stop until the hours digit is flashing. Press Lap/Reset until the hour is 10. Hit Start/Stop again to move to the minutes, and press Lap/Reset until the minutes reads 35.

Once you have the exact time set, press the Mode button again which will exit the time setting mode and the digits will stop flashing. 

That’s it – you’ve now got the correct time set!

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How to Set Date on Timex Expedition Watch

Setting the date on your Timex Expedition follows almost the same process as setting the time. 

Here’s how to do it:

Press and hold the Mode button again until you see the date digits start to flash.

Press the Start/Stop button to toggle between the flashing month and date digits. Use the Lap/Reset button to change the number in whichever digit is flashing.

When the correct month and date are set, press the Mode button again to exit date setting mode.

Easy peasy!

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How to Set Alarm on Timex Expedition Watch

Your Timex Expedition also lets you set an alarm so you can use it as an alarm clock. 

To set the alarm:

Press the Mode button on the side until you see the alarm icon flashing. This indicates you’re in alarm-setting mode.

Like setting the time, press Start/Stop to move between the flashing digits which will include the alarm hour and minutes.

Use Lap/Reset to change the digit values until your desired alarm time is set. 

Finally, press Mode again to exit the alarm setting mode. 

Your Timex alarm is now ready to go!

Final Words

As you can see, setting the main timekeeping functions like time, date, and alarm on your Timex Expedition watch involves just a few easy button presses. 

Beyond the basics covered here, Timex Expedition watches have even more impressive features like a stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, and night-mode backlight to explore. 

So, dig into your watch manual for details on utilizing these other settings. 

That said, I hope you found this blog post helpful.

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