How to Set a Timex Watch in 2023? (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Set a Timex Watch

Timex is one of the most popular and affordable watch brands on the market today, making both regular watches and smartwatches that are easy to use and reliable. 

If you’ve recently purchased one for yourself, you may wonder how to set the time and date on a Timex watch. 

Luckily, learning how to set a Timex watch with day and time is a straightforward process once you know the steps.

In this post, I’ve provided a complete step-by-step guide on how to set the time and date on a Timex watch.

How to Set a Timex Watch in 7 Simple Steps

As I explained earlier, setting up a Timex watch is pretty straightforward. You just need to follow the below instructions.

Step 1 — Press and Hold the “Set/Recall” Button

First of all, press and hold the button on the top left side of the watch for 3-5 seconds. This button is usually located at the top left side of your Timex watch. 

After holding the button for that amount of time, the word “Set” will appear across the top of the screen. That means you’re now in the time set menu and ready to adjust the time. 

Step 2 — Select the Time Zone

If your Timex watch is analog, turn the crown to scroll through the time zones. If it’s digital, press the “Mode” button to cycle through. Choose your specific time zone.

When you first enter the time set menu, you’ll be in time zone 1 automatically. 

If you want to set the time for time zone 2 or 3, just press the “+” button below the watch face to move forward through the zones. 

To go back, press the “-” button on the bottom right of the watch.

Step 3 — Set the Time with the “Mode” Button

The “Mode” button on your Timex is in the lower left area. You’ll see the word “Next” on the screen there. 

Pressing this button cycles you through the different settings menus – hours, minutes, seconds, day, and date.

To set the time, press Mode once to make the hour digits flash. Use the + and – buttons to adjust the hour up or down.

When the hour is correct, press Mode again to move to the minutes. The minutes will flash – use + or – to set those.

Press Mode again to flash the seconds, and set those with + or -.

If you only want to set the time, and don’t need to change the date, press the Set/Recall button after adjusting the seconds. 

That will save your new time settings and take you out of the menu.

Step 4 — Choose the Current Day of the Week

Once you’ve got the time set, press the Mode button again. Now the day of the week area above the time will start flashing.

Use the + button to cycle forward through the days, and the – button to go backward until you get to the current day.

When the correct day is flashing, press the Mode button again to move on to setting the date.

Step 5 — Set the Date with the “Mode” Button

Great, you’ve got the day set. Now when you press the Mode button again, the month in number form will begin flashing.

Use the + and – buttons to adjust the month until it matches the current month.

Once you have the right month selected, press Mode one more time. Now you can set the date by using the + and – buttons to cycle through the dates. Stop when you get to today’s date.

Step 6 — Choose the Hour Format

Alright, after you’ve set the date, press Mode one more time. Now you’ll enter the menu for choosing 12 or 24-hour time format.

The current time format setting will flash on the screen. Press the + button to toggle between the 12 and 24-hour formats.

Once the format you want is flashing, press Mode again to lock it in. And that’s it – you’ve fully set the time and date in your preferred formats!

Step 7 — Save the Changes

The last step is to press the Set/Recall button when you’re finished. This will close out of the time setting menu and bring you back to the normal watch face display.

Don’t worry – all of the changes you made to the time, date, and settings will automatically be saved when you press Set/Recall.

So once you’ve got everything set up just how you want it, hit Set/Recall and you’re all done! 

Your Timex will now show the correct time and date.

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Bonus — How to Set Alarm on Timex Watch

Setting an alarm on a Timex watch is as simple as setting the time and date. 

Below, I’ve outlined the step-by-step process to set an alarm on your Timex watch.

Step 1 — Press Mode Until ALARM Appears on the Watch Display

To set an alarm on your Timex, start by pressing the Mode button to cycle through the menu options until you get to the alarm setting screen.

If your watch allows you to set multiple alarms, press the Stop/Reset button when you see “ALM1” to select the first alarm.

To set additional alarms, keep hitting the Mode button until you see “ALM2” and “ALM3”. Press Stop/Reset to select each one that you want to set.

Step 2 — Set the Alarm Time

Now, press the Set/Recall button to open the alarm menu.

You’ll see the alarm time with the hour flashing first. Use the + and – buttons to adjust the hour up or down to what you want.

Press the Mode button next, and the minutes will start flashing. Use + and – again to set the minutes.

Press Mode one more time to select AM or PM for the alarm (you can skip this if your watch is set to 24-hour time).

Step 3 — Decide When to Ring Alarm

After you’ve set the alarm time, press the Mode button again. Now you can choose if you want the alarm to ring daily, on weekdays, or just weekends.

The current alarm frequency setting will flash above the time. Press the Start/Split button to toggle between the options – Daily, Wkday, or Wkends.

Select the one you want by leaving it flashing. This sets how often the alarm will go off.

If you only need the alarm for a single day, you can just turn it off manually after it rings that day.

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Step 4 — Save the Alarm

Once you’ve set the alarm time and frequency, press the Set/Recall button one more time to save your settings. This locks in the alarm so it will ring on the days and times you picked.

You’ll see a tiny clock icon on the left side of your Timex display when an alarm is set. That’s how you can tell at a glance that your alarm is active and ready to go off when you need it!

Step 5 — Turn the Alarm On and Off

Need to turn your Timex alarm off? No problem! Just press the Mode button to cycle through the menus until you get to the ALARM screen.

Once you see ALARM, press the Start/Split button. This will toggle the alarm off so it won’t ring.

If you ever want to turn the alarm back on, simply go back into the ALARM menu again and press Start/Split. That will reactivate it.

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Final Note

And that’s it! Now you know how to easily set your Timex watch to the correct time and date.

Whether you have an analog style with a crown and knobs or a digital style with buttons, following these simple step-by-step instructions will help you get your Timex set up right.

I hope this guide gave you everything you need to easily set the time and date or alarm on any Timex watch.

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