What is a Smartwatch? 9 Uses Most People Still Don’t Know

What is a Smartwatch

We live in a world where the latest tech gadgets instantly become a status symbol. Just like the latest iPhone, they think that a smartwatch is nothing but a waste of money.

But the sad truth is that most people don’t exactly know what is a smartwatch.

In layman’s terms, a smartwatch is a wearable device that looks like a normal wristwatch but can do more than just tell time. Like a smartphone, it lets you make and receive phone calls, check emails, set reminders, create to-do lists, play music, keeps track of your heart rate, and much more.

But if you’re still wondering if a smartwatch is really useful for you or not, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this post, I’m going to help you figure out is smartwatch really useful for you and share 9 uses of a smartwatch that most people don’t know about.

Is Smartwatch Really Useful?

Most people think smartwatches are just for show-offs and are of no use. But those who say this don’t really understand how useful a smartwatch can be or what is it capable of.

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Smartwatches have evolved quite a lot in the past recent years and have become significantly useful in day-to-day life. Today, many smartwatches match the capability of smartphones in terms of intelligence. They can be used to receive notifications, pay bills, and access a wide range of apps. 

Unfortunately, the majority of smartwatch owners don’t leverage their devices to their fullest extent.

If you’re a smartwatch owner or planning to buy one, you should really learn the different uses of a smartwatch.

9 Uses of a Smartwatch Most People Still Don’t Know About

Here are the 9 uses of a smartwatch that everyone should know about but most people still doesn’t.

1 – Take Notes

Most people think that smartwatches can only be used for taking and making phone calls, checking notifications, and monitoring heart rate among a few other tasks. But what they don’t know is that smartwatches can also be useful in taking quick notes. 

Many smartwatch models support apps like OneNote, Evernote, etc. that enable smartwatch owners to take notes whenever an inspiration strikes. On top of this, you can even set reminders from different reminder apps while on the go. 

This can be incredibly useful as it can help to ensure that nothing slips your mind and you’re always on top of your to-do lists.

2 – Pay Bills

Apart from taking notes, smartwatches can also be useful in paying your bills right from your wrist. We all know how difficult it is to keep track of bills and pay them on time. Unfortunately, many people still forget to pay their bills on time because of distractions at work or in personal life.

With a smartwatch, you can rest assured that you’ll never forget to pay bills ever. This is because smartwatches are capable of keeping track of and managing bills and expenses without the need for a smartphone. 

Many smartwatches support bill reminder, tip calculator, and digital wallet apps that make it easier for you to calculate tips for lunches and ride-hailing services.

3 – Listen to Music

Most smartwatches nowadays come with an in-built music player feature in them. This allows smartwatches owners to listen to music on smartwatch by connecting with their smartphone while on the go. 

Furthermore, most smartwatches can even be paired with bluetooth headphones, which is significantly useful for runners and fitness enthusiasts. 

The best part? — Some of the newest smartwatch models even support playing music directly on Spotify offline even if it is not connected to a smartphone. 

4 – Manage To-Do from the Wrist

The arrival of smartphones eliminated the need to carry pen & daily to-do list planner. However, it is not always convenient for everyone to reach their smartphone to add a task, especially when their hands are full.

In this situation, a smartwatch can be really useful. With a couple of quick taps, you can check what is already on your to-do list and even add a new task without much hassle. 

There are a plethora of note apps you can install on your smartwatch (based on the model you use) such as Any.do, Todoist, etc.

For example, if you use an Apple Watch, you can use its Calendar app to add your to-do tasks. Conversely, if you use an Android smartwatch, you can use Google Calendar app to check your existing to-do tasks or add a new one. 

5 – An Ideal Travel Companion

If your job often take you in the sky or on the road, a smartwatch can be really useful during travel. 

Regular calendar alerts, quick access to a map, and updates from smartwatch-supported apps like TripIt, you can rest assured that no critical itinerary will be missed!

Besides, there are plenty of business travel smartwatch apps you can install as per your requirements to save time, be more productive, and always be up-to-date with your business meetings. 

6 – Alerts You About Urgent Matters

Many of you might have been in situations where you had your smartphone nearby, yet you happen to miss a really urgent call or message just when you took your eyes off it.

A smartwatch connected to your smartphone via bluetooth can help to make sure you never miss an urgent call or message ever again. A smartwatch makes it possible to receive notifications instantly without having to check your smartphone every so often. 

As soon as an important call or notification arrives on your smartphone, your smartwatch instantly alerts you about it directly on your wrist. 

7 – Translates Foreign Languages

Smartwatches are getting smarter day by day and have stopped relying on third-party services apps to perform certain useful functions. One of such useful function that many people often need is language translation. 

Today, a broad range of smartwatches come with built-in language translation feature that helps its owner easily understand a foreign language. 

Imagine this — You’re on a vacation in Tokyo, visiting a museum but can’t really understand what’s the name of an antique you’re seeing. In this scenario, you can simply input the description of an exhibit and instantly get information about what it means. 

8 – Turn into GPS Tracking Device

Smartwatches can be an excellent GPS tracking device and useful during your runs, hikes, etc. Furthermore, you can even track your child, pet, your elderly parents’ movements to make sure they’re safe. 

Many smartwatch manufacturers have made rapid advancements in this area. For example, Apple Watch have made to news multiple times for saving their owners’ lives by calling emergency services after detecting a fall or abnormal heart rate.

Furthermore, big brands like Apple & Samsung are committed to bettering these features and adding more such new functions in their future smartwatch models.

9 – Replace your Smartphone

Yes, you read that right! While this isn’t true for all smartwatches but a large majority of smartwatches now come with the capability to replace your smartphone. 

Many brands have released standalone smartwatches in which you can insert a SIM and make/answer phone calls directly from your wrist.

These smartwatches are embedded with speaker and a mic to let you speak and listen to what the other person is saying. On top of this, you can even add new contacts to your contact lists and pull up whenever you need to call a certain person.

Key Takeaway

As you’ve just learned, smartwatches are much more than a status symbol. In fact, if you’re a technology enthusiast (like me), you will definitely enjoy using it in your day-to-day life, thanks to the multitude of useful features it comes with. 

With that, I hope that you found this post useful. In case you still have a question for me, feel free to drop it in the comments below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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