About Jaimin Kapadia

Hey everyone, I’m Jaimin Kapadia – the founder of Awesome Wearable Devices.

My fascination with wearable gadgets started almost a decade ago when I got my first fitness tracker – MI Band 1.

I was immediately hooked! I loved quantifying my health stats, tracking my sleep, and gamifying my movement.

As more incredible wearable devices started coming out, I realized there was a major gap in coverage. Big consumer tech sites barely scratched the surface on wearables. There was no centralized source for in-depth reviews, news, tutorials, and how-tos.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and launched this website.

I believe these devices have amazing potential to improve our lives, and my goal is to guide people to the right wearables for them.

I truly believe we’re just scratching the surface of what wearables can achieve. I can’t wait to continue exploring it with you!

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