10 Best Strava Compatible Watches [Updated List!]

Strava Compatible Watches

Running, cycling, swimming – no matter how you break a sweat, using Strava to track your workouts just makes training more fun. 

But to get the most out of the popular social fitness app, you need more than just your phone. A dedicated smartwatch optimized for Strava can take your experience to the next level.

Here’s the problem – With so many smartwatch brands and models out there, how can you know which works best with Strava?

Worry not! — I’ve compiled this list of the latest and greatest Strava compatible watches for 2023. 

Whether you’re collecting miles, KOMs, and QOMs or just trying to stay motivated, having a fitness tracker with built-in Strava integration keeps you on track.

In this updated roundup, I’ve showcased a list of the 10 best Strava watches currently on the market. 

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List of Strava Compatible Watches

According to the official Strava website, here is the list of all smartwatches & devices that are compatible with Strava.

1 – Apple Watches

When it comes to Strava compatibility, Apple Watches are a great option for iPhone users. All Apple Watch models can connect to the Strava app to track runs, rides, and swims.

The Apple Watch uses GPS and your iPhone’s sensors to accurately track pace, distance, elevation, and more. Post-workout, it will automatically sync your activity data to the Strava app on your phone. You can customize settings and data screens right from your wrist.

The latest Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 even include enhanced sensors like a temperature sensor and improved GPS. This makes them some of the most accurate Strava-compatible watches you can buy today.

List of Strava Compatible Apple Watches:

  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 5 onwards
  • Apple Watch Nike
  • Apple Watch Ultra

How to Install & Setup Strava on Apple Watches?

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Strava app installed on your compatible iPhone. Strava requires iOS 13 or later.
  1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and go to the My Watch tab. Scroll down and tap “Install” next to the Strava app to install it on your Apple Watch.
  1. Once installed, open the Strava app on your Apple Watch. You may need to enable Strava to access your location and motion data.
  1. In the Strava app on your iPhone, go to Settings > Apple Watch and enable “Allow Watch App Access.” This connects the iPhone and Watch apps.
  1. In the Watch app, tap the Strava complication (if added) to launch the app. Or swipe left to the Strava watch face and tap to open the app.
  1. Start a workout tracking session directly from your Apple Watch. Tap the orange button at the bottom to start recording.
  1. For tracking runs without your phone, make sure you enable “Record App Workouts” in the iPhone Strava app’s Watch settings. This allows the Watch to track GPS data.
  1. Customize Strava watch app settings like auto-pause, auto lap, etc. in the iPhone app’s Watch settings section.
  1. Allow Strava app notifications on the Watch to get mile splits and other alerts.
  1. View your workout data in the Strava phone app after syncing. The Watch app will show limited metrics.

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2 – Samsung Galaxy Watches

For Android users, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup integrates seamlessly with Strava. Like the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watches use built-in GPS and sensors to track key workout metrics which are then synced to the Strava app on your phone.

You can consider getting the latest Galaxy Watch 5 which comes in multiple case sizes and colors to fit different wrists and styles. Or, you can also level up to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with its longer battery life and durable titanium case for outdoor sports.

Samsung’s Wear OS also allows you to customize data screens and apps to view Strava data directly on your Galaxy Watch for easy tracking during training.

List of Strava compatible Samsung Galaxy Watches:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro

How to Install & Setup Strava on Samsung Galaxy Watches?

  1. Install the Strava app on your Android phone if you don’t have it already. Make sure you have an account set up.
  1. On your compatible Galaxy watch, open the Galaxy Wearable app. Go to “Watch faces and apps” and find Strava in the list.
  1. Tap Install to download the Strava app directly to your Galaxy watch.
  1. Once installed, open Strava on your watch. Grant the required permissions like location access when prompted.
  1. In the Strava phone app, go to Settings and scroll down to “Partner Apps”. Tap on Samsung Health and enable the connection.
  1. This will sync your activity data between Samsung Health and Strava. The Galaxy Watch app may have limited metrics compared to the phone app.
  1. Start a workout tracking session directly from your Galaxy watch. Tap the round orange button to start recording your activity.
  1. Make sure Strava has permission to track location and detect motion on your watch. Enable auto-pause, auto-lap, etc. in the phone app settings.
  1. View your full activity details by syncing your watch with the phone after completing your workout. Data will transfer to the Strava app.
  1. Add Strava widgets and complications to your Galaxy watch for quick access to key stats.

3 – Garmin Watches

When it comes to advanced multisport watches, Garmin leads the pack in Strava integration. Garmin’s lineup features dedicated running, cycling, triathlon, and outdoor watches compatible with Strava.

Garmin watches auto-sync activities with Strava and allows you to control music, receive notifications, and more without touching your phone.

For triathletes, the Garmin Forerunner 955 is an excellent Strava-compatible option with multisport modes and advanced training tools like PacePro and RacePredictor.

List of Strava Compatible Garmin Watches:

  • Garmin D2 Charlie
  • Garmin D2 Delta PX
  • Garmin Descent Mk1
  • Garmin fēnix 5
  • Garmin fēnix 5 Plus
  • Garmin fēnix 5S
  • Garmin fēnix 5S Plus
  • Garmin fēnix 5X
  • Garmin fēnix 5X Plus
  • Garmin fēnix 5
  • Garmin fēnix 5 Plus
  • Garmin fēnix 6
  • Garmin fēnix 6 Pro
  • Garmin fēnix 6S
  • Garmin fēnix 6S Pro
  • Garmin fēnix 6X
  • Garmin fēnix Chronos
  • Garmin Forerunner 645
  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Music
  • Garmin Forerunner 735XT
  • Garmin Forerunner 935
  • Garmin Forerunner 945
  • Garmin Edge 130
  • Garmin Edge 130 Plus
  • Garmin Edge 510
  • Garmin Edge 520
  • Garmin Edge 520 Plus
  • Garmin Edge 530
  • Garmin Edge 810
  • Garmin Edge 820
  • Garmin Edge 830
  • Garmin Edge 1000
  • Garmin Edge 1030
  • Garmin Edge 1030 Plus
  • Garmin Legacy Hero Series Captain Marvel
  • Garmin Legacy Hero Series First Avenger
  • Garmin Legacy Saga Series Darth Vader
  • Garmin Legacy Saga Series Rey
  • Garmin MARQ Athlete
  • Garmin MARQ Captain
  • Garmin MARQ Expedition
  • Garmin Swim 2

How to Install & Setup Strava on Garmin Watches?

  1. If your Garmin device supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can install the Garmin Connect Mobile app, create a Garmin Connect account, and connect it with your Strava account by navigating to Settings > Connected Apps > Strava.
  1. After that, you’ll need to grant the necessary permissions to link your Garmin Connect and Strava accounts and then log in to your Strava profile.
  1. Make sure that the permission allowing the transfer of activities from Garmin Connect to Strava is activated prior to confirming the connection. Disabling this permission will hinder the synchronization of both past and future activities.
  1. Subsequent to the wireless transfer of activities to Garmin Connect via Bluetooth, these activities will be visible on Strava within a brief period.
  1. Following the initial upload, Garmin will also synchronize the activities of the past 90 days to your Strava account.

4 – Hammerhead Watches

Known for their cycling computers, Hammerhead has recently introduced their own lineup of GPS sport watches – the Karoo 1 and Karoo 2.

These watches boast an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours and sunlight-visible displays. They provide detailed cycling metrics like power, stride analysis, VO2 max, and more. The Karoo 2 adds features like onboard maps, music storage, and multi-activity tracking.

Built for cycling, the Karoo watches integrate seamlessly with Strava for reviewing and analyzing your rides. 

The watches automatically detect rides and sync to Strava via Bluetooth or WiFi. Hammerhead’s app also makes it simple to customize data pages and workout views.

List of Strava Compatible Hammerhead Watches:

  • Karoo
  • Karoo 2

How to Install & Setup Strava on Hammerhead Watches?

  1. Access the Dashboard of your Hammerhead account.
  1. Navigate to the “Accounts” section located in the sidebar menu.
  1. Choose the “Connect” option beneath Strava.
  1. Following this, you will be directed to the Strava login page. In case you’re already logged in to your Strava account, you’ll be presented with the authorization page.
  1. Select the “Authorize” button.
  1. At this point, your Hammerhead and Strava accounts will be successfully linked. 

This connection enables the synchronization of your rides, favorited segments, and routes to your device.

5 – Lezyne Watches

Lezyne produces high-quality GPS bike computers and wearables focused on cycling. Their Mega XL GPS watch is designed specifically with Strava cyclists in mind.

It provides up to 32 hours of ride time in GPS mode and tracks essential metrics like speed, distance, elevation, heart rate, and power. The large display is easy to read mid-ride and you can customize data screens.

Post-ride, the Lezyne Mega XL syncs your activities via Bluetooth to the Lezyne Ally app which then transfers the data directly to Strava.

List of Strava Compatible Lezyne Watches:

  • Macro GPS
  • Mega C
  • Mega XL GPS
  • Micro Color GPS
  • Micro Color GPS Watch
  • Micro GPS
  • Micro GPS Watch
  • Mini GPS
  • Micro GPS Watch
  • Power GPS
  • Super GPS
  • Super GPS Enhanced
  • Super Pro GPS

How to Install & Setup Strava on Lezyne Watches?

  1. First of all, download and install the Lezyne GPS Ally v2 app on your iOS or Android device.
  1. Next, open the Lezyne GPS Ally v2 app’s menu, locate and tap the button labeled “Strava Live Segments.” From there, choose the “Connect with Strava” option.
  1. Approve the authorization for Lezyne GPSROOT and log in to your Strava account.
  1. Lastly, navigate to the “Menu” section and access “App Settings” to find the toggle for enabling Strava auto-sync.

6 – Polar Watches

Polar is a leader in heart rate monitoring technology and their watches integrate seamlessly with Strava. Models like the Polar Grit X Pro feature built-in GPS, multi-sport tracking, and analytics tools like Training Load Pro to optimize your workouts.

The Polar Flow app makes it easy to set up syncing with Strava so your activity data transfers automatically after each session. Polar watches give you access to Strava Live Segments and other premium Strava features too.

For triathletes, the Polar Vantage V2 performs well for open water swimming, cycling, and running while keeping everything synced with Strava.

List of Strava Compatible Polar Watches:

  • Polar Grit X
  • Polar M460
  • Polar V650
  • Polar V800
  • Polar Vantage V
  • Polar Vantage V Titan
  • Polar Vantage V2

How to Install & Setup Strava on Polar Watches?

Polar watches did not natively support third-party apps like Strava directly on the watch itself. 

However, you could sync your Polar watch data with Strava through the Polar Flow app, which is Polar’s official app for tracking and analyzing your fitness data.

  1. Download and create an account on the Polar Flow website or through the Polar Flow mobile app.
  1. Pair your Polar watch with your smartphone using Bluetooth through the Polar Flow app.
  1. When you engage in an activity, use your Polar watch to record it. Make sure the watch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth during the activity.
  1. After you’ve recorded your activities on the watch, they will sync to the Polar Flow app on your smartphone. 
  1. Now, find the Strava integration from the third-party services in the Polar Flow app and follow the steps to authorize the connection.
  1. Once you’ve connected Strava to Polar Flow, your recorded activities should automatically sync to your Strava account.

7 – Sigma Watches

Sigma Sports offers a range of high-quality GPS cycling computers and watches that connect with Strava. The ROX 12.0 Sport watch provides up to 24 hours of GPS tracking for rides and features a large color display.

In addition to the usual speed, distance, and route mapping, the ROX 12.0 tracks cycling dynamics, power, VO2 max, and recovery time – all of which can be synced to your Strava profile. 

The customizable data fields allow you to view the Strava metrics most important to your training.

List of Strava Compatible Sigma Watches:

  • Sigma ROX 7.0
  • Sigma ROX 10.0
  • Sigma ROX 11.0
  • Sigma ROX 12.0
  • Sigma Rox 12.1 Evo

How to Install & Setup Strava on Sigma Watches?

  1. Download the SIGMA Ride App from either the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS).
  1. Connect your SIGMA ROX device with the SIGMA Ride App and transfer your recorded activities to the application.
  1. Navigate to the Settings > Cloud & Apps section within the app.
  1. Choose ‘Strava’ from the list of options to initiate the login process for your Strava account.
  1. Provide your Strava login credentials and grant permission for the connection between SIGMA and Strava.
  1. To seamlessly sync your activities with Strava, activate the ‘Share automatically’ option once SIGMA and Strava have been successfully linked. 

The synchronization process will commence once the link between SIGMA and Strava is established.

Please be aware that any previous activities will not synchronize automatically.

8 – Suunto Watches

Suunto specializes in multisport GPS watches designed for adventure usage. Models like the Suunto 9 Baro integrate with Strava to track and analyze hiking, trail running, cycling, and more.

The Suunto app makes it easy to connect your watch with Strava upon initial setup. Suunto’s Heatmaps feature lets you discover new routes popular with other Strava users right from your watch.

With an impressive battery life of up to 170 hours, the Suunto 9 Baro is ideal for backcountry adventures while still keeping you connected to Strava for sharing your exploits. 

List of Strava Compatible Suunto Watches:

  • Suunto Ambit3
  • Suunto 3 Fitness companion
  • Suunto 5
  • Suunto 7
  • Suunto 9
  • Suunto Spartan
  • Suunto Traverse

How to Install & Setup Strava on Suunto Watches?

  1. Navigate to your Suunto app’s settings.
  1. On Android, select Settings > Account > Connect to other services.
  2. On iOS, select Profile > Connect to other services.
  1. Tap on ‘Connect to Strava’. You will be prompted to log into your Strava account or create an account if you do not have one.
  1. Create or log in to your Strava account and the Suunto app will immediately connect to your Strava account.
  1. Now, after every workout that is synced with the Suunto app, it will be automatically transferred to your Strava account as well. 

9 – Wahoo Watches

Wahoo also produces multi-sport watches that integrate with Strava. The Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL GPS watch automatically uploads your ride data to Strava and supports Strava Live Segments.

It’s packed with cycling-focused metrics like Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Training Stress Score (TSS), and Recovery Time. 

If you’re a runner, you’ll definitely appreciate the running dynamics provided like ground contact time, vertical oscillation, and more – all of which sync seamlessly to Strava.

List of Strava Compatible Wahoo Watches:


How to Install & Setup Strava on Wahoo Watches?

  1. Download the Wahoo ELEMNT app from the Google Play Store (if you use an Android phone) or Apple App Store (if you use an iPhone).
  1. Go to your profile page in the Wahoo ELEMNT app and open the ‘Connected Apps’ settings.
  1. Select Strava and enter your login credentials to your Strava account.
  1. Finally, authorize the connection between Strava and Wahoo ELEMNT and it will start synchronizing your activities.

NOTE – Activities that you recorded prior to connecting with Strava will not sync.

10 – Amazfit Watches

For an affordable Strava-compatible option, the Amazfit smartwatch lineup offers great value. The mid-range Amazfit T-Rex Pro features an always-on display, 18-day battery life, and over 100 sports modes including GPS-tracked outdoor running and cycling.

Syncing your activities from the watch to Strava is quick and simple with the Amazfit mobile app for iOS and Android. 

The rugged, military-grade design means the T-Rex Pro can handle even the most intense training while seamlessly transferring data to your Strava profile to review and analyze later.

List of Strava Compatible Amazfit Watches:

  • Amazfit Bip
  • Amazfit Stratos
  • Amazfit Pace
  • Amazfit GTS and GTR
  • Amazfit T-Rex and T-Rex Pro
  • Amazfit Bip U and Bip U Pro
  • Amazfit GTS 2 and GTS 2 Mini
  • Amazfit GTR 2 and GTR 2e
  • Amazfit GTS 3 and GTR 3
  • Amazfit T-Rex 2

How to Install & Setup Strava on Amazfit Watches?

  1. Download the Zepp app available for iOS and Android.
  1. Open the Zepp app and go to Profile from the navigation menu.
  1. Tap on Select Accounts and select Strava on the next screen.
  1. Hit Unbound and you’ll see a screen to log into your Strava account. Select Sign Up if you want to create a new Strava account.
  1. Now, enable the option to “Upload your activities from Zepp to Strava” and tap on Authorize.
  1. Once both apps are linked, new activities will automatically be synchronized with your Strava account.

Final Note

And there you have it – the top 10 Strava compatible watches that will take your training to the next level in 2023. 

Whether you’re logging runs, rides, swims, or other adventures, having a fitness watch optimized for Strava unlocks new insights into your performance.

No matter your budget or sport, you can find an excellent Strava watch from this handpicked list. 

Don’t forget to let me know which watch you end up choosing – I always love to hear from my readers. 


Can you use Strava on a smartwatch?

You can use Strava on many smartwatches. Some smartwatches even have dedicated Strava apps that provide a seamless experience for tracking and syncing workouts.

Which watches can use Strava?

Some watch brands that can use Strava include Apple watches, Samsung Galaxy watches, Wear OS watches, Garmin watches, Polar watches, Wahoo watches, Fitbit watches, Suunto watches, and more.

Does Garmin work well with Strava?

Garmin and Strava have a strong integration that allows Garmin device users to seamlessly track their activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, and more, and then sync that data with their Strava accounts. This integration provides users with a convenient way to upload their workouts, analyze their performance, and share their activities with the Strava community.

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